5 Signs You Could Benefit from Revision Eyelid Surgery

When a revision eyelid surgery doesn’t go well, it can be more than just aesthetically disappointing. There are potential medical hazards that come along with this situation as well, in addition to the hassle of going through a botched operation. Below we cover 5 signs you could benefit from revision eyelid surgery.

5 Signs You Could Benefit from Revision Eyelid Surgery

If you have recently received eyelid surgery and are feeling like something might be off, then take a look over these signs that you might want to receive revisional droopy eyelid surgery of some kind.

What Happens During Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Revision eyelid surgery is a surgery that is performed to correct an inconsistent initial eyelid surgery that is not up to par.

Eyelid surgery is a delicate procedure that should be performed by a consummate, board-certified physician who is an expert in their craft.

If you have had a revision surgery performed and are unsatisfied with the results, you’ll likely be someone who would benefit from a revision surgery.

1. Distorted Eye Shape or Color

A slightly distorted or uneven appearance in your eyes could be a dead giveaway that you might want to receive revision surgery of some kind.

Sometimes shoddy eyelid surgeries can reveal too much of the whites or have a messy appearance through drooping or sagging.

Revision surgery has the potential to amend these issues by restoring the natural shape of the eyes.

2. Undereye Hollowness

This is an issue that can occur if a surgeon removes too much fat from the lower eyelids. This can result in a sunken or tired-looking appearance that can age one beyond their natural age.

Revision surgery has the ability to restore this lost volume and then some. It can result in a younger, rested, and overall more alert appearance.

3. You’ve Lost Your Ability to Blink

If too much skin is removed during a blepharoplasty, it can result in an individual being left unable to blink their eyes.

This unfortunate situation is known as lagophthalmos. Asides from being aesthetically unpleasant, it can also be a medically hazardous situation.

This is because eyes that are open all of the time are at increased rates of infection and being injured by debris of some kind.

Revision surgery has the potential to rectify this problem by utilizing skin grafts to restore the missing skin and flesh in this portion of the eyelids.

4. You Have Drooping Eyelids

A poorly executed blepharoplasty has the potential to create drooping eyelids that can obstruct vision and interfere with daily life.

If this drooping skin becomes severe enough, it can interfere with one’s ability to perform daily activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery. On top of these issues, they are also aesthetically unpleasant.

Revision surgery has the potential to restore the appearance of the eyes. And it can cut away whatever drooping skin might be interfering with your vision.

5. Your Eyes Appear Asymmetrical

If your eyes appear somewhat asymmetrical, you might also benefit from revision surgery.

No individual’s eyes are perfectly symmetrical, but an ill-executed blepharoplasty has the potential to knock this asymmetry off even further.

This can occur if excess fat or skin is taken from either of the eyes. Issues can also arise if the levator muscle of either of the eyes is tightened too much during your operation.

Revision surgery offers some solutions to this issue by adjusting the maladjustments and restoring symmetry to the eyes.

Assessing Your Revision Needs

Prior to your operation, you’ll be able to meet with your physician in order to discuss your personal needs with regard to revision surgery.

Each individual’s case is liable to be different depending on how their own initial surgeries created results that ended up unsatisfactory.

You’ll be able to discuss a number of relevant topics related to your impending revision operation.

This includes things like your aesthetic goals, your personal medical situation, and medications that you might be taking.

Overall, this is an opportunity for you to make a satisfying correction to a situation that maybe didn’t turn out that way in the first place. Communicating clearly and efficiently with your physician increases the likelihood of having a satisfying outcome.

The Revision Expert of Greenwich

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