Revisional Droopy Eyelid Surgery in Greenwich

Ptosis surgery is designed to give your eyelids the lift they need to keep your appearance bright and lively. But in some cases, patients come to us from other surgeons dissatisfied with their outcomes. Maybe their eyelids are still droopy or they now look asymmetrical? Whatever the case might be, you deserve to see the results you asked for. That is why we are proud to offer patients revisional droopy eyelid surgery in Greenwich.
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Dr. Mahsa Sohrab and her staff focus on providing a personalized experience with a focus on your unique needs and previous outcomes. By working closely with her patients, Dr. Sohrab can deliver individualized results to help you finally see the results that bring out your best self. Call us today to learn more about revision ptosis surgery in Greenwich.

What Is Revisional Droopy Eyelid Surgery?

Revisional droopy eyelid surgery is a corrective procedure designed to address the concerns of patients who are not happy with their previous ptosis surgery. In other words, it delivers the results you wanted and gives your eyes a boost. In some cases, patients may have been unhappy with their original surgeon’s work. Other times, they may have had a complication that has led to revisional surgery. Whatever the reason might be, you can count on Dr. Sohrab to give you the care and attention you need to finally love your results.
As a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Sohrab has the skills and experience needed to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. Revisional droopy eyelid surgery is a complex procedure, but with Dr. Sohrab’s help, you can achieve beautiful, bright eyes that you will love.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Revisional eyelid procedures tend to be rather similar to your initial procedure. As such you will likely receive the same type of anesthesia, whether that is local or IV sedation, to ensure your comfort. The duration of the procedure usually stays within an average of 1-2 hours but can vary according to the work you need done. We will provide you with an expected outline of your individual plan ahead of your procedure date. Just like your first ptosis surgery, this procedure is typically an outpatient surgery, so you can return home the same day.
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Benefits of
Revision Ptosis Surgery

  • See the results you want
  • Work closely with an experienced surgeon
  • Long-lasting results
  • Restore balance and harmony to your eyes
  • Can be combined with other procedures for enhanced results
Dr Sohrab was amazing. She corrected the eyelids with care and precision! She is kind and takes the time to listen to her patient’s concerns.
– Belen C.

Revisional Droopy Eyelid Surgery Before & Afters

36 year old woman who was bothered by drooping of the left upper eyelid. She underwent internal ptosis repair. After photos are 1 month post-left upper eyelid ptosis repair. Results can last 10 years.
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Am I a Candidate for Revision Ptosis Surgery?

Revisional surgery in general is a delicate process that requires effective communication between patient and surgeon. Dr. Sohrab will start by assessing your previous surgery and talking with you about your goals for revisional surgery. She will then develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve results that match your expectations and goals. With her experience, Dr. Sohrab is able to work with a wide range of revision cases, so the odds are high that you can be a candidate for revision ptosis surgery.
You can start by scheduling a consultation to learn more about the process and see if a revision procedure can get you to where you want to be.
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Dr. Sohrab was very knowledgable, made me feel comfortable with the procedure I had. Explained everything she was doing and what I would feel and made sure I was comfotable during the procedure. Her staff is also great!!
– Denise D.


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What Is the Recovery Process?

The recovery process after revisional eyelid surgery is usually going to be similar to the initial ptosis surgery. You should plan on taking 1-2 weeks off from work with a focus on rest, avoiding any strenuous activities during this downtime. Some swelling, bruising, and discomfort similar to your first procedure are normal and expected. But they can be managed with medication and care, and they should go away gradually.

When Can I See Results?

You will probably see some results from your revisional droopy eyelid surgery within a couple of days after the initial swelling has gone down somewhat. However, it can take up to several weeks or months for your final results to appear once your swelling has fully gone down. But, during this time you will see continual improvements and can get an idea of what your final results will look like. If your eyelids were interfering with your sight or eyes, this problem will be long gone by the time your final results are apparent.

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