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How Dermal Fillers Boost Confidence

In today’s modern world, where people are usually judged by the way they look and dress, feeling confident in one’s appearance can have a great impact on one’s personal, professional, and social life. The problem is that people age, and aging can cause the skin to lose its volume, hydration, and elasticity. It is natural that you will lose the youthful appearance of your skin as you grow older. It … Read more

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Which Cosmetic Injectable Is Best for You

When choosing the right cosmetic injectable, it is crucial to determine what results you want to obtain. You may be trying to get rid of frown lines or crow’s feet, or you may want to reduce bloating under your chin. There are many reasons people opt for cosmetic injectables.  Many people turn away from treatment because they do not know what solution is best for them. If you want to … Read more

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How Fillers Improve Eyelid Appearance

Your eyes can say a lot about your personality, your mood, and even your soul. As you get older, your sagging and wrinkled skin will start to warp your appearance altogether. In order to preserve the youthful glow that exists as a part of your personality, you can invest in a number of surgery-free procedures that will restore strength and satisfaction to your face. Below, we cover how fillers improve … Read more

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Risk Factors for Eyelid Skin Cancer

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time out in the sun will have thought about how to protect their skin from the risk of cancer. The sun puts out powerful and harmful UV rays that can cause permanent damage to all parts of your skin. The risk of cancer will only increase the longer you leave your skin exposed without seeking proper medical help. Below, we cover those risk … Read more

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Guide to Frontalis Sling Fixation

Everyone will experience drooping eyelids at one point or another. For most, this occurs as a sign of aging, where weakened eyelid muscles slowly lose their battle against gravity. You may have noticed that your eyes do not open all the way anymore. Or your drooping lids make it look like you are always sad. You may have already sought to correct this issue with a form of eyelid surgery. … Read more