Brow Lift in Greenwich

It seems to happen almost overnight. One morning you wake up and realize age is starting to show. Wrinkles and loose skin on the forehead are usually the first culprits to make an appearance. But the good news is that cosmetic medicine gives you a way to fight back against signs of aging. With a brow lift in Greenwich, you can say goodbye to signs of aging to achieve a rejuvenated, vibrant new look.
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Dr. Mahsa Sohrab and her staff focus on providing a personalized cosmetic experience for every procedure we offer. By working closely with her patients, she provides an individualized path focused on achieving your unique goals. Through a brow lift or other treatment options, we aim to provide a way toward looking and feeling like your best.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, targets some of the most obvious signs of aging in a vulnerable area: the forehead. For many people, this is the first place for wrinkles and fine lines to appear, seemingly out of nowhere. A brow lift fights these signs of aging by removing excess skin and tightening the forehead just enough to restore a vibrant and alert look without the artificial “tightness” of older methods. Instead, we focus on providing results that do more with subtler techniques, allowing for a natural look and feel while still taking years off your aesthetic.

What Is the Procedure Like?

We perform brow lifts usually as an outpatient procedure, so you can return home right after your surgery and start resting. Generally, the procedure lasts about one to two hours, but this can be longer if you are combining it with other procedures, a highly popular choice. Patients will be fully comfortable from start to finish, either with local anesthesia or sedation, depending on what is best for them.
Procedures that patients like to combine with a forehead lift include eyelid surgery, which can deliver fully transformative results.
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Benefits of a
Brow Lift

  • Look younger and livelier
  • Restore an alert and vibrant appearance
  • Reduce or remove fine lines and wrinkles
  • Natural-looking results
  • Option to combine with other procedures for enhanced results
Loved Dr Sohrad had a wonderful experience. Will definitely coming back
– Denise G.

Brow Lift Before & Afters

58 year old woman who was bothered by her upper eyelid appearance. She underwent in-office upper eyelid blepharoplasty and internal browpexy. After photos show results at 1 month post-surgery. Results can last 10 years.
55 year old woman who was bothered by her upper eyelid appearance. She underwent upper eyelid blepharoplasty and internal browpexy. After photos show results at 3 months post-surgery.
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Am I a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

If you want to reduce signs of aging on the forehead, then a brow lift could be what you are looking for. This procedure is open to a wide range of patients and is highly adaptable for your unique goals. If you are in good health, non-smoking, and have healthy goals, then you could be an optimal candidate for a brow lift in Greenwich with Dr. Sohrab.
To see if you are a candidate for a brow lift, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sohrab today. During this one-on-one meeting, you can fully discuss your goals in a comfortable environment where communication is open and free. She works closely with each patient to understand your goals and match you with your ideal cosmetic rejuvenation plan.
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The entire experience was wonderful. The front desk staff are welcoming, friendly and professional. Making appointments is easy. Dr. Sohrab explains everything in a respectful and easy going manner. There was no high pressure sales pitch. The exam room is spotless. Dr. Sohrab has gentle yet obviously very experienced hands. She gave very clear and detailed instructions.
– Eileen C.


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What Is the Recovery Process?

The initial recovery period can last about 1-2 weeks after your brow lift procedure, during which time swelling, bruising and pain at the surgery site are entirely normal. Patients usually take time off from work and are required to avoid strenuous activity, instead focusing on healing and recovering. Rest and following your post procedure instructions will not only help move along recovery, but they will be better for your results as well. 

Dr. Sohrab will provide you with post-care instructions and prescribe medication for the recovery period. Every day will bring gradual improvements until you are fully healed and ready to resume your daily life with your new rejuvenated aesthetic.

When Can I See Results?

A brow lift provides lasting results, but it is important to remember that they will be most evident once you recover. As you heal, you will be able to see your final results more and more clearly. Then, once the swelling has fully gone down, you will be able to enjoy your rejuvenated look for years to come. Final results can take anywhere from several months to up to a year depending on your age, anatomy, and health. With healthy habits (such as avoiding excess sun exposure), you will be able to get the most out of your results and keep them in excellent shape.

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Dr. Sohrab and her team are ready to help you take your next step toward a younger, more vibrant look. Call us or use our online form to set up your consultation for a brow lift in Greenwich. At your consultation, you can learn more about our procedure options and see our before-and-after photos to see just how transformative your forehead lift can be. Contact us today to get started.