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Having dark circles under your eyes can be a significant challenge. The appearance of dark circles can happen even at a young age, and can have an impact on your appearance, often leading to a tired and fatigued look. But the odds are you feel nothing of the sort. That is what our treatments for dark circle removal in Greenwich aim to fix, restoring your outer appearance to match your inner self.
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Dr. Mahsa Sohrab and her staff focus on providing a personalized experience with a focus on your unique needs and aesthetic goals. By working closely with her patients, she can deliver individualized results to help you achieve results that restore a lively and vibrant look. Call us today to learn more about dark circle treatment in Greenwich.

What Is Dark Circle Removal?

Dark circles can appear at even a rather young age for a range of reasons. While they may go away in younger years, as we age they can begin to appear permanently. Dark circle removal aims to fix that, restoring your under-eye area to give you a rejuvenated facial appearance. Dr. Sohrab offers several options for dark circle treatment, matching each patient to their ideal option for an optimal outcome.

Lower Eyelid Surgery
For more severe dark circles, patients may enjoy better results with a surgical procedure called lower blepharoplasty. Also known as lower eyelid surgery, this procedure has excellent outcomes and long-lasting results that can tackle even the most stubborn of dark circles.

Non-Surgical Treatments
For milder cases of dark circles, patients may enjoy trying only a non-surgical option. These lighter treatments still provide impressive rejuvenation, but they do not require the same amount of downtime and recovery as a full surgery.

What Are the Treatments Like?

For lower eyelid surgery, the procedure lasts about 1-2 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. So once your procedure is over, you can go home that same day and start resting. We use either local anesthetic or IV sedation to ensure your entire procedure is fully comfortable. The procedure focuses on adjusting tissues, removing excess skin, and addressing pockets of fat. Every procedure is unique though and adapts to your individual situation to provide tailored results.

For non-surgical dark circle removal, we provide several treatment options. Injectable fillers can provide stunning improvements in under-eye volume with virtually no downtime required. Laser treatments and other non-surgical options are also available to give the under eye area a rejuvenating boost, depending on your needs and goals.
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Benefits of
Dark Circle Treatment

  • Restore lost volume under the eye
  • Achieve a rested, alert, and youthful appearance
  • Choose from several rejuvenation options
  • See results that last for months to years
  • Option to combine treatments and procedures for enhanced results
  • Choose either a non-surgical or surgical approach based on your individual needs
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Dark Circle Removal Before & Afters

58 year old woman who was bothered by her upper eyelid appearance. She underwent in-office upper eyelid blepharoplasty and internal browpexy. After photos show results at 1 month post-surgery. Results can last 10 years.
55 year old woman who was bothered by her upper eyelid appearance. She underwent upper eyelid blepharoplasty and internal browpexy. After photos show results at 3 months post-surgery.
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Am I a Candidate for Dark Circle Removal?

The good news is that if you have dark circles, then Dr. Sohrab has a treatment that could be right for you. With both surgical and non-surgical treatment options available, we can help a wide range of patients tackle dark circles and look their best.
The first step to find out if you are a candidate for dark circle treatment in Greenwich is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sohrab. During your consultation, she will evaluate your medical history and perform a physical examination of any concerns and dark circles to determine which procedure would be best for you.
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What Is the Recovery Process?

For non-surgical dark removal, there is little to no downtime required for options like injectable fillers. For other non-surgical options, recovery is still fast and comfortable. Generally, there can be minor swelling, bruising, or redness under the eyes where treated, but these fade within a day in many cases for fillers and within a week for other options. For surgical options, patients can expect an initial recovery downtime period of 1 2 weeks as they wait for swelling, discomfort, and any bruising to fade.

When Can I See Results?

Injectable fillers provide the fastest results, restoring lost volume and boosting the eye area quickly. With proper care, fillers can provide results that last for months to a year or more (also depending on the type of filler). Other dark circle treatments can provide results based on the number of sessions and the severity of your dark circles. Dr. Sohrab will provide you with a full outline of your result timeline based on your situation. For surgery, patients will see their initial results once their downtime comes to an end. However, the swelling can take several weeks to fully fade, and then you will see your final results.

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Dr. Sohrab and her team are ready to do our part in keeping your eye area youthful and lively. Call us or use our online form to set up your consultation for dark circle removal in Greenwich. At your consultation, you can learn more about the removal options and see our before-and-after photos to see just how rejuvenating your experience can be. Contact us today to get started.