Excessive Tearing


Excessive Tearing

Excessive tearing stems from an imbalance between the production and drainage of tears. Excessive Tearing can relate to either overproduction of tears secondary to underlying conditions like dry eye, blepharitis, and allergies leading to an unhealthy tear film, or due to obstruction of the tear drainage pathway relating to abnormal tear duct position, narrowing or obstruction. The level of obstruction can vary and can occur in the eyelids, tear sac, or the bony canal in the nose.

Dr. Sohrab can perform a simple, non-invasive in-office evaluation to determine whether the cause is obstruction and offer the proper surgical treatment to correct any notable obstruction. Surgical correction can include placement of stents to widen or stretch the tear duct and bypassing the tear sac with nasal surgery.

Dr. Mahsa Sohrab has extensive experience in the treatment of excessive tearing, serving patients in Westchester County, NY and Greenwich, CT. Call today for your consultation at 914-505-6359 or complete a consultation request.

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