Eyebrow & Forehead Lift


Eyebrow & Forehead Lift

An under-recognized cause of drooping of the upper eyelid and excess skin is descent or drooping of the eyebrows. Addressing the position and shape of the eyebrows is essential in achieving the optimal aesthetic result, and consideration of upper eyelid surgery must always include an assessment of the eyebrows as the two function as a unit, and modifying one can influence the other. There are also gender and interpersonal differences in the appearance, shape and position of the eyebrows, with men having a flatter brow position in contrast with a more arched appearance in women.

Over time, age-related changes in skin texture, connections between fat pockets and deeper tissues overlying bone, and gravity lead to drooping of the forehead and eyebrows. Drooping can involve the entire eyebrow including its inner portion (head) or outer portion (tail), or portions of the brow. In particular, lateral descent of the eyebrow can lead to hooding or overhanging skin that can lead to heaviness of the upper eyelid and in some cases, even blocked peripheral vision.

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