Eyelid Cancer & Reconstruction


Eyelid Cancer & Reconstruction

Cancer of the eyelids and surrounding areas is not uncommon and often relates to a prior history of excessive sun exposure. The most common malignant tumors of the eyelids are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, but can also include sebaceous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Tumors can sometimes masquerade for benign growths like skin tags or styes and chalazia, appearing as nodules or bumps on the eyelid that do not clear, pigmented growths, eyelash loss or thinning, and asymmetric appearance of the eyelid.

It is crucial to identify these growths in a timely manner and treat them properly in order to obtain the best facial aesthetic outcome and to preserve the health and vision of the eye long-term. Complete excision ensures the lowest chance of recurrence, but becomes harder to achieve in cases in which the tumor has already grown and involves a large area. Tumor excision can lead to loss of part or all of the layers of the eyelid, and reconstruction can range from simple closure to extensive and requiring grafting of parts of the eyelid depending on the extent of resection. It is extremely important to seek a surgeon with specialized training in this area as poor outcomes can cause discomfort, infection, vision loss, and can impact the ultimate appearance of the eyelids.

Evaluation begins with in-office biopsy of suspicious growths to establish a diagnosis and discern between benign and malignant growths. Dr. Sohrab collaborates with experienced dermatologists in Westchester County, NY and Lower Fairfield County and Greenwich, CT to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

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