Guide to Frontalis Sling Fixation

Everyone will experience drooping eyelids at one point or another. For most, this occurs as a sign of aging, where weakened eyelid muscles slowly lose their battle against gravity. You may have noticed that your eyes do not open all the way anymore. Or your drooping lids make it look like you are always sad. You may have already sought to correct this issue with a form of eyelid surgery. But you might not have received the results you wanted. Below, we have a guide to frontalis sling fixation.

Guide to Frontalis Sling Fixation

Frontalis sling fixation is a specific surgical technique that Dr. Sohrab uses during revisional droopy eyelid surgery. This procedure is designed specifically for those who have already gone through droopy eyelid surgery in the past but were unhappy with their results. There are many ways that a full revision can be achieved. Today, we will take you through our quick guide to frontalis sling fixation so you can understand more about how this specific surgical strategy works.

What Is Ptosis?

Ptosis is the scientific name for drooping eyelids. Though many people experience drooping eyelids as they age, ptosis can develop into a more serious condition as a result of an injury or a birth defect. Without proper treatment, ptosis can develop into a severe condition where the eyelids droop so low that they block the eyeball. This can seriously affect vision as well as facial anatomy. Not to mention, it can also be embarrassing for those concerned with how their droopy eyelid makes them look.

We treat ptosis using a number of surgical interventions. Typically, full surgery is required. This means the patient will go under anesthesia while the surgeon performs a selected technique. If the results of the first eyelid surgery do not pan out as expected, then you are encouraged to come in for a revision. This is most likely when the frontalis sling technique will be used.

Frontalis Sling in Surgery

Frontalis sling fixation is a complex yet successful method of lifting drooping eyelids by suspending specific muscles. When cases of ptosis are very severe, regular surgical intervention may not be enough to strengthen this muscle. It is possible that the eyelid muscle is diseased or mutated, meaning it will never grow stronger on its own. The frontalis sling technique uses the other unique parts of the eye’s anatomy, such as the eye socket and tear ducts, to carefully create a stronger and less droopy eyelid.

Initial Effects of Frontalis Sling

Due to the nature of this surgical procedure, the affected eyelid may lose its range of mobility for a short time. This is part of the healing process and should not be a cause of worry. Additionally, it is possible that the eyelid still looks droopy following the surgery. It takes some for the eyelid to retain the new shape that was built by the surgeon during the operation. After a few weeks or months, a normal range of motion will be restored to the eyelid. It will also appear less droopy after the initial healing stages are complete.

The Healing Process

Eyelid surgery is designed around your individual symptoms and facial shape. Not only do we seek to remove the effects of ptosis, but we also want to restore harmony so you can feel good both inside and out. Using our advanced surgical techniques, we can expedite the healing process for even better results.

It can be difficult to make an accurate prediction of the healing timeline without first assessing your case. This is because we often combine ptosis repair with other forms of surgery that are built to enhance your results even further. Depending on the exact procedure you get, you can expect a direct but stress-free recovery timeline.

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Have you struggled with extreme ptosis for most of your life? Or do you seek total revision after your last eyelid procedure? Then you might prove a good candidate for our specialty frontalis sling technique. You can learn more about Dr. Sohrab, our practice, and the amazing benefits of ptosis repair when you contact us online. Take a look at our patient testimonials and our before and after photo gallery to see how patients look as a result of the frontalis sling technique.

We believe that your inner and outer appearance are connected, and it is important that you are in love with both your personality and your looks. This procedure can help you gain more control over your own life without going through a series of extensive surgeries.