How To Improve Eyelid Surgery Results: Key Basics

An eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can offer a patient a number of positive benefits. Primarily impacting the areas surrounding the eyes and the eyes themselves, this procedure can be undergone for both aesthetic or medical reasons. Just as important as the procedure itself is the period following the procedure. Taking care during this time period can help ensure that you preserve the results of your operation. Below, we cover how to improve eyelid surgery results.

How To Improve Eyelid Surgery Results: Key Basics

If you have an eyelid surgery planned or are just considering receiving treatment, then here is a guide to making the most out of your surgery results.

Eyelid Surgery Basics

There are many different types of eyelid surgeries. The type you receive will largely depend on which of your eyelids you would like to work on.

Upper eyelid surgery focuses on the upper eyelids, lower eyelid surgery on the lower. Sometimes, patients err to have all four eyelids performed on at the same time – this is called a quad blepharoplasty.

Eyelid surgery is generally considered to be a minimally invasive type of surgery, although there is a recovery period associated. Following some simple guidelines should see you through this period with little disruption.

You’ll be able to determine with your physician in your pre-surgical consultation exactly what the best path forward is for you in terms of your own eyelid surgery.

Reduce Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption

We advise patients to cut back on smoking and alcohol in the weeks before their treatment.

The reasons for this are numerous; drinking alcohol and using smoke may significantly disrupt your body’s physiological systems, which in turn can have an impact on minute details of how the operation proceeds.

You may make sure that your body is in the finest physical condition possible so that it can heal sufficiently from the stressors experienced during surgery by reducing your use of hazardous substances.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Stress and skin damage can result from too much sun exposure. For this reason, it is generally advised to avoid excessive time in the sun

Even under normal circumstances, this is still true. But that turns out to be especially true after your operation. The body’s energy will now need to be focused on recovering from the consequences of the procedure.

Unfortunately, exposure to too much direct sunlight might raise your risk of scarring. Particularly so for the delicate body parts that were close by to the surgery’s impacted places. So avoiding overexposure continues to be recommended practice to prevent subsequent issues.

Get Plenty of Rest Following Your Operation

In order to optimize the amount of energy that your body can allocate to healing after the treatment, it is advised that you minimize the amount of strain that you place on your physical systems in the time immediately after your surgery.

This can entail scheduling a few days off from work and reducing the amount of hard activity you often undertake.

Considering the particulars of your recuperation habits, this period of time may take up to a week and maybe more

Treat Your Eyes with Irritation Relief

Your doctor may give you helpful substances such as eye drops and cold compresses to help with irritation relief following your surgery.

Cold presses have the power to lessen any possible postoperative edema and irritation. Additionally, eye drops can help you keep your eyes clean while lowering the risk of infection.

Make careful you adhere to your surgeon’s directions. And to prevent any difficulties, only use the items that were specifically recommended by them in the time after your treatment.

Avoid Using Makeup

It is crucial that you avoid putting anything on your eyes or the region around them other than the medications your doctor has given while they recover from their treatment.

This implies that the majority of commercial sunscreens as well as any cosmetics or makeup will be off limits. the initial several days following your treatment, at the very least. After your operation, you may anticipate this phase to persist for approximately a week, give or take.

Additionally, it is advised that you keep your eyes closed for the first two to three days following surgery. This means that you need to exercise some caution when hopping in the shower.

Making Sure You Get the Best Results

Dr. Sohrab and the rest of her team are considered to be the finest eyelid surgery team operating in Greenwich. If you’re interested in receiving this type of treatment, then contact us today in order to discuss some of your options.