Canthoplasty / Canthopexy

Lower eyelid laxity can occur as a result of traumatic injury, age, nerve damage, or complications relating to prior surgical procedures, which can include prior excision of eyelid tumors with reconstruction. Canthoplasty and canthopexy refer to procedures that are performed to tighten and support the lower eyelid to correct these issues.

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Prior to undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery, it is important to carefully assess the configuration of the midface and eyelid position, tone, and function, as well as to identify any evidence of laxity of the eyelid. If volume in the form of fat and eyelid skin is removed from the lower eyelid without addressing eyelid laxity, it can lead to post-operative complications and unsatisfactory results.

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In order to prevent lower eyelid malposition, lateral canthal tightening is often needed and when combined with lower eyelid surgery, can lead to improved aesthetics, restored eyelid function, and reduced risk of post-operative eyelid malposition.

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So informative, spent time explaining to me my problem. Very kind and put me at ease . First Doctor that told me more information than any other after 3 years of eye nuisance. Thank you
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