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Don’t accept droopy eyelids as an inevitable part of growing older when there are safe and effective treatments that can help. Mahsa A. Sohrab, MD, is among the most highly sought-after oculoplastic surgeons in the greater Greenwich, CT, area. Her reconstructive and cosmetic work delivers impressive results in the function and appearance of your eyelids. Book a consultation with Dr. Sohrab online or by phone today to learn more.

Droopy eyelid

Why are my lower eyelids drooping?

If you notice changes in your lower eyelids, a number of factors may be to blame. The aging process is a primary contributor to sagging or drooping lower lids. However, additional causes should be considered, including:

  • Nerve damage
  • Previous surgeries in the eye area
  • Surgical excision of eyelid tumors and subsequent reconstruction
  • Traumatic injury

Fortunately, there are treatments that can help restore proper eyelid appearance and function. 

What types of surgery can correct abnormalities in the lower eyelid?

Two procedures are especially effective at correcting issues in the lower eyelid. Canthopexy and canthoplasty both act to support your lower eyelid by altering the connective tissues that give your eyelid its distinct shape. 

A canthopexy is a relatively straightforward procedure in which a tendon within your eyelid is stabilized with a suture. In a canthoplasty, a tendon is severed, shortened, and then reattached to your bone, giving your eyelid the support it needs to remain in proper positioning. 

Is it possible to combine eyelid treatments? 

Many men and women prefer to combine treatments to achieve the best possible results with fewer rounds of anesthesia and a reduced cost. Surgery to correct eyelid position is different from blepharoplasty, which involves removing excess skin and fat from the eyelids. 

However, many men and women who have a procedure to correct their eyelid position choose to include blepharoplasty at the same time. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sohrab will explain your options in full detail, giving you everything you need to make an informed decision about your care. 

What are the risks associated with eyelid surgery?

Any surgical procedure carries a risk of complications, but when you choose a specialist with advanced training and an expansive body of experience, you can rest assured that every effort is taken to reduce the risk of complications. Dr. Sohrab not only brings an education from some of the nation’s finest universities, but she also has a unique ability to evaluate the structure of your face and tailor a treatment plan just for you. 

Done incorrectly, eyelid surgery can lead to numerous issues with both the appearance and function of your eyelids. In some cases, your lids won’t close properly, which exposes your eyes to environmental contaminants. 

Nerve damage can cause problems with blinking and other eyelid movement. Improper suturing techniques can leave you with visible scarring. Also, a practitioner who approaches eyelid surgery with a one-size-fits-all mentality can create results that just aren’t a good match to your other facial features 

If you have questions about which approach is right for you, or would like to see photos of some of Dr. Sohrab’s work, call or schedule an appointment online today.