Eyelid Rejuvenation

Retraction of the eyelid is defined by a vertical change in the position of the edge of the eyelid, leading to the eyelid margin moving or retracting downwards and leading to showing of the white part of the eye (sclera), which is normally covered by the eyelid. In the upper eyelid, the margin moves up and leads to scleral show of the upper part of the eye.

Picture of side view of a female model

There can be several underlying causes, including aging, medical conditions (such as thyroid eye disease or facial nerve weakness) and prior cosmetic or reconstructive lower eyelid surgeries. Rarely, patients are born with abnormal eyelid positions.

Symptoms include tearing, eye redness, irritation, and blurred vision, as well as cosmetic deformity of the eyelid appearance causing changed shape of the eye. Sometimes, change in the eyelid position can also lead to difficulty closing the eye with worsening dryness of the eye and potential damage to the eye and vision.

Surgical correction requires appropriate assessment of the issue and typically either raising the lower eyelid or lowering the upper eyelid accordingly. In situations relating to prior cosmetic surgery, it may require implant placement or skin and/or tissue grafting. The corner of the eye may also be adjusted to restore an almond rather than rounded appearance.

When eyelid malposition related to prior surgical procedures, there is scar tissue and distortion of normal anatomy making the correction particularly challenging. It is particularly important in these cases to select the right surgeon with training in revisional surgery of the eyelids.

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