Facial Skin Cancer

As with many skin cancers, eyelid cancer doesn’t always present symptoms in the early stages. When symptoms are present they might include:

  • Changes in the appearance of the skin around your eyes
  • Eyelash shedding
  • Chronic eyelid infection
  • Broken skin on your eyelid that is slow to heal
  • A spreading growth that’s brown, black, or red in color
  • Swelling or thickening eyelid skin


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It’s important to take time to perform routine skin checks, including on smaller areas of your body like your eyelids. As soon as you notice changes in your skin, schedule a diagnostic exam to determine if cancer is present.

Most skin cancers that develop around your eyes or on your eyelid are basal cell carcinomas. These are usually slow to develop and rarely spread to other areas of your body.

Left untreated, however, basal cell carcinomas can cause serious health issues. These cancers can also cause significant aesthetic problems. You have very little skin on your eyelids or in the surrounding area, so cancer can quickly cause disfigurement that is challenging to repair.

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What can be done to treat eyelid cancer?

The most common treatment for skin cancers near the eye that are not melanomas is a procedure called Mohs surgery. This technique involves removing an extremely thin layer of cells and then checking those cells under a microscope to search for signs of cancer. The process is repeated until a fresh layer of noncancerous cells is reached.

At that point, Dr. Sohrab steps in to perform the reconstruction part of the process. She creates a customized surgical plan based on how much tissue was removed and the overall shape of your face and eye area.

In some cases, only a simple closure is needed. Often, however, skin grafting from another part of your eyelid is the best way to achieve beautiful results. Dr. Sohrab specialized in these types of reconstructive procedures and can deliver an outstanding final result that you’ll love. Call or use the online booking tool today to set up your visit.

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