Signs You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can solve several cosmetic issues, from drooping skin to dark under-eye circles. It is also a beneficial treatment for anyone with extreme facial asymmetry. Whether due to genetics or an injury, these past blemishes can be corrected with a fully customized blepharoplasty. Upper eyelid lifts can reduce sagging and tighten your muscles for a more youthful appearance. Lower eyelid lifts work to reduce under-eye puffiness while also lifting dark circles. You can choose between these procedures, or you can get them both in one surgical process. Below, we cover key signs you need revision eyelid surgery.

Signs You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery

There are a few occasions where you may need to get this surgery again. Revision eyelid surgery is designed to correct issues that may stem from your initial blepharoplasty. Your previous surgeon might have got it wrong, or perhaps you did not heal in a visually pleasing way. There are many different signs you need revision eyelid surgery with an expert. Keep reading to learn more.

Why You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery Now

Typically, people seek eyelid revision surgery because they still have some leftover skin after their previous surgery. Or they are deeply unsatisfied with how their previous surgery was completed. Here are some common reasons that you can talk about with your surgeon during your revision consultation:

  • It has been several years since your original blepharoplasty, and the signs of aging have started to reappear. Wrinkles around the eyelids are usually the earliest signs to show up on your face, though they have a huge visual impact.
  • You experienced a physical injury or accident. Damage to your face may have reversed the changes done by your original surgery. You also might not have been able to achieve the results you wanted before your accident.
  • The healing process did not create a symmetrical look, resulting in one eyelid drooping more than the other. Revision surgery can help instantly correct and improve your facial harmony.
  • You used to indulge in poor habits such as drinking and smoking, which have ruined the results of your initial procedure. Now that you are on the path towards better health, you can improve your chances of getting good results with eyelid surgery.
  • The initial surgery may have left some scarring that is too visible, and you want to cover it up with another lid lift.

It can take time to realize that an eyelid revision is in order. Many of our patients spend years with their previous results before they decide that they are interested in a revision. We offer consultations for people from all walks of life who need to correct or update their facial symmetry.

How Revision Blepharoplasty Can Help You

Revision eyelid surgery exists as an opportunity to touch up your original blepharoplasty results or get rid of some mistakes. It is difficult to predict exactly how the healing process will go, and you may not be fully happy with the results you end up getting. That is why we are committed to helping you repair your blemishes so you can be happy with the face you see in the mirror.

Revision blepharoplasty helps to mitigate uneven lines, asymmetrical eyelids, or continued drooping after the initial surgery. Revisional surgery is available for both upper and lower eyelids. If you are unsatisfied with the way your original surgeon performed the job, or you need a touch-up after a few years, you might be the perfect candidate for a revision.

Revision Eyelid Surgery Candidacy

It is easy to become a candidate for one of our revision techniques. Both extreme and subtle facial flaws can be corrected with one of our surgical treatments. Every course of care comes with a swift and smooth recovery period, so there is no need to schedule too much time off from work.

Candidates must have good overall health and react well to anesthesia. Anyone who has had blepharoplasty before is likely going to be qualified for a renewal. You should be dealing with blemishes such as wrinkles, sags, creases, and uneven lines on one or both eyelids. You may have had dark circles return after your initial lower eyelid surgery, and this method of revision can help you keep these dramatic changes at bay.

Schedule Your Consultation ASAP

Revision blepharoplasty is a highly flexible treatment. We aim to customize our techniques to match your aesthetic needs. If you are interested in correcting your eyelids after a previous surgery, contact us and ask about revision eyelid surgery. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Mahsa Sohrab and we will work quickly to help align your inner and outer beauty.