What Do Dark Circles Say About Your Health?

Are those bothersome dark circles under your eyes beginning to trouble you? Whether it’s stress, fatigue, or the natural aging process, these dark patches on your face can give you an older and less lively appearance, putting a damper on your self-esteem. Below, we look at what do dark circles say about your health?

What Do Dark Circles Say About Your Health?

But rest assured, the professionals at the practice of Dr. Mahsa Sohrab provide a range of specialized treatments aimed at reducing or even completely eliminating these dark circles. With innovative treatments like lower eyelid surgery and dermal fillers, you can work to reduce these unhealthy signs and start looking your best. Today, let’s answer a big question: What do dark circles say about your health, exactly?

You Are Aging Quickly

Aging stands as the primary contributor to under-eye bags, shadows, and overall skin sagging. As we age, our skin’s elasticity and volume diminish. This phenomenon is most noticeable under the eyes, where fat displacement leads to the formation of bags. Shadows can emerge due to puffy or swollen eyes.

Doctors employ advanced laser technology to address pigmentation and reduce vascularity. Laser therapy effectively diminishes dark circles and smoothens wrinkles. Eyelid surgery can eliminate these circles and minimize fluid dispersion resulting from broken capillaries.

You Are Stressed

A certain level of stress is normal and can motivate you to strive for your best. However, excessive stress can have numerous detrimental effects on your health. Stress triggers the production of cortisol, a hormone known for accelerating the aging process within your body. Cortisol’s impact includes collagen breakdown, causing skin to sag and wrinkles to develop. Excessive cortisol levels can also induce inflammation, resulting in skin swelling.

You Are Tired

It’s common knowledge that a good night’s sleep leaves you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized in the morning. Adequate sleep is not only vital for your overall health but also significantly affects your skin’s health. While you sleep, your skin undergoes a natural renewal process. Lack of proper sleep can disrupt this natural healing cycle, making your skin suffer for it. You may wake up and notice that your skin feels dry or damaged, making this the perfect time to seek the treatment you need.

You Have Years of UV Damage

It is hard to resist basking in the warm summer sun, especially since you can get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. However, prolonged sun exposure without proper SPF protection can severely harm your skin. The sun’s UV rays can cause substantial damage to your face and neck, resulting in wrinkling and toughening of the skin over time. Invest in some sunscreen so you can stay outside without damaging your skin by the sun’s rays.

You Need Professional Treatment ASAP!

If you wake up with dark bags under your eyes and fear you may be experiencing the adverse effects of aging, all is not lost. There are plenty of professional solutions available to help you reduce the signs of aging and stress under your eyes. We offer dermal fillers, which can restore a youthful look. Our lower eyelid surgery options are fast-acting and seek to restructure your overall look.

The benefits of our lower eyelid treatments are lifelong, rejuvenating your skin inside and out. Aside from the cosmetic advantages you’ll receive after recovering from our innovative surgery, you will also enjoy a new burst of health as your skin gets the nutrition it deserves. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Mahsa Sohrab and let us know what we can do to revitalize your life!