Top 7 Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

Fat transfers are an exciting branch of plastic surgery that are still relatively new in the big picture. Despite this novelty, there are several procedures that physicians can perform with precision and expertise that have begun to gain in popularity in recent years. Below we cover the top 7 benefits of facial fat transfer.

Top 7 Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

A fat transfer, which also goes by the names of fat grafting, fat injection, or lip filling, is a procedure that synthesizes elements of liposuction and cosmetic filling. More simply put, it is an operation where a doctor moves fat from one area of your body to another.

These procedures have begun to become more popular because they offer the patient a more natural way to implement anti-aging procedures on themselves.

If you’re curious about obtaining this procedure yourself, or just want to learn more about it, below are some of the benefits that come from a facial fat transfer.

1. It Can Remove Unwanted Fat From Areas Of Your Body

If you have areas of your body where you have excess fat, a facial fat transfer can essentially accomplish two things at once by eliminating this unwanted body fat and using it to fill out areas of the face that you feel like might be lacking.

Common areas to harvest fat from include the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen.

2. Fill In Areas Of Your Body That Have Unwanted Wrinkles

If you have areas of your face that have lost volume and shape over the passage of time, transferring fat from one area of the body to those areas can help to restore fullness to those areas.

Some of these areas might include the lips, the corners of the eyes, or areas surrounding the neck.

3. It Can Help To Increase General Definition of Areas of The Body

If you have parts of your body that you wish were slightly fuller or more plump, a professional facial fat transfer can subtly but effectively increase definition in these parts of your physique. One additional bonus to utilizing a fat transfer over a traditional surgery is that it is much lower stakes, and can help you decide whether you would like to undergo a more serious surgery by allowing you to sample some aspects of what the results might be.

4. It Can Improve The Overall Appearance Of Your Skin

The areas of your body that receive a facial fat transfer may also experience a general improvement in the health and appearance of the skin. These areas may begin to appear smoother and plumper than they did prior to the operation.

5. There’s a Smaller Risk Of An Allergic Reaction

One fantastic element of a facial fat transfer is that there’s less chance of the patient enduring an allergic reaction in response to the procedure, as it doesn’t involve the injection of any synthetic or artificial materials into the body’s ecosystem.

If you’re an individual who’s concerned about possibly having an allergic reaction to a synthetic substance, you may want to look into a fat transfer as a safer option.

6. The Results Can Appear More “Natural” Looking Than Synthetic Transfers

One thing that is drawing people to fat transfers over synthetic injections is that results can be said to appear somewhat more “natural” than traditional synthetic injections.

This is appealing for a number of reasons, as it allows someone to undertake various appearance-modifying operations that are harder to identify, leaving the client with a natural feeling of beauty that doesn’t stick out from the rest of their image.

This is something to consider if you feel somewhat self-conscious about appearing as if you’ve had medical work done.

7. It Is A Highly Accessible Procedure

Another great thing about fat grafting is that it is very accessible as long as they are generally in good health, and have some area of their body where there is an amount of excess fat to be harvested.

Almost everyone has at least some excess fat on some section of their body, so chances are that you will almost certainly have enough to qualify for a transfer if you’re interested in one.

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